We undertake the complete study from the architectural design and the static calculation to the electromechanical installations, as well as the construction and completion of any building, extensively supervising all its construction phases.

We undertake the complete restoration ((or restoration as the concept is known to the general public), and reuse of existing buildings with character and special morphological elements that are worth preserving, with a view to preserving our architectural heritage. More specifically, these are buildings in traditional settlements or parts of cities, neoclassical urban buildings as well as historical monuments and buildings designated as protected by the service of newer monuments of the Ministry of Culture.

We design buildings (indoor and outdoor) based on the local climate in order to ensure conditions of thermal and visual comfort at the lowest possible cost, utilizing solar energy and other environmental sources and natural climate phenomena.

Aiming at the functionality and convenience of the users, we design interiors of high aesthetics, according to the new trends in decoration, using modern materials, techniques and objects that match the function of the space and the temperament of the owners.

We undertake the construction plans, measurements and schedules for the execution of the project. We accurately determine all building materials, their technical characteristics and their correct application. The implementation study ensures the owner the most complete execution of the project with the most modern methods and the observance of the financial budget.

We undertake the issuance and processing of building permits for all types of buildings, such as residences, hotels, special buildings, industrial-craft facilities, office buildings (logistics), stable facilities, as well as demolition permits. Also works such as excavations or embankments, repair of buildings, construction of a swimming pool, fencing and fencing, construction of underground tanks, etc.

We undertake the preparation of a detailed budget of any project, with a cost table of the required works, in order for the owner to know the total cost of the investment before the start of the works.

We undertake the regulation or legalization of all arbitrary constructions that exist in your building, utilizing the current legislation and issue an engineer certificate required in the notarial documents. After an autopsy we suggest the best possible solution and compile a complete file with all the required information that constitutes the “identity of the building”

We undertake the energy inspection of buildings of all types as well as heating and air conditioning installations in order to determine their energy category and issue the corresponding energy efficiency certificate (PEA).

We create spaces and buildings of high standards in terms of their architectural design based on functionality and aesthetics.

In order to protect and strengthen the human-nature relationship, we create spaces of high quality landscape architecture, which improve the conditions of human life and help protect and enhance both the urban landscape, by designing and renovating spaces or entire areas. within the urban fabric, as well as the suburban landscape with interventions that do not affect the natural environment.

We undertake the construction of buildings of all types (houses & additions, industrial – craft buildings, office buildings, stable facilities, etc.) with a load-bearing structure (frame) made of stainless steel, a solution which is highly seismic, offers greater flexibility in design and is completed faster than conventional reinforced concrete structures.

We undertake the total and partial renovation of houses and shops from interior design to construction, offering complete solutions with the lowest possible cost and the most realistic offers.

We undertake topographic applications of all types such as excavations and measurements of plots or agricultural parcels even in areas with distribution or land reclamation, divisions and recommendations of horizontal and vertical co-ownership with distribution of co-ownership percentages (millimeter table), perfection control and buildability, buildability, .a.

We undertake the issuance and processing of approval of small-scale works as well as works of article 4 par. 3 (Law 4067/12 Government Gazette 79 A 9-4-2012), which are required for works such as installation of a prefabricated pool, simple fencing, repairs – renovations of facades and buildings, replacement and repair of roof, construction of pergola, construction of fireplace and chimney, interior layouts, joining of spaces, installation of external thermal insulation, small configurations of uncovered etc.

Our office in collaboration with experienced and specialized workshops and suppliers undertakes the implementation of any project, offering immediate technical solutions to any construction.

We undertake the integration of your home in the program “I save autonomously” from the 1st energy inspection (PEA) until the completion of energy upgrade work, while proposing the best solutions for your building.