Architectural Office FP Architect

The Architectural Office (FP Architect) offers complete solutions for privately and public constructions , which combine the aesthetics and Functionality , starting from the conception of the idea and ending at the completion of the project. The basic principle is the construction of high standard buildings , in terms of their architectural design and achievement low energy consumption, which are fully harmonized with the wider environment. The goal of the office is for each project to be adapted to the needs and particularities of each client individually, giving him the ability to be fully informed and to control the construction at any stage, from initial design to the final delivery of the project.

The office works with experienced and specialized staff in order to offer immediate and quality solutions to any construction.

Filippos Plataris Architect Engineer AUTh.

Filippos Plataris was born in Metsovo, Ioannina in 1986. He studied Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, from where he graduated with honors as an Architect Engineer. During his studies he studied at the Department of Architectural Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino – Facolta di Architettura), and participated in architectural competitions and European workshops.
He joined the labor market of Thessaloniki in 2007 as an associate of Architects in the company M.M.T. sa Architects – Consults Managers, with the object of work the design of architectural studies for public and private projects, while at the same time he worked as a freelancer collaborating with technical offices in Thessaloniki.
In 2010 he founded the architectural office FParchitect based in Metsovo, Ioannina, undertaking the elaboration of architectural studies for private and public projects, as well as the supervision and construction of them throughout Greece.
He is a member of the TEE and vice-president of the Association of Architects of Ioannina.